MOVAGEN is a product containing 3 proprietary complexes* which maintain the health and normal mobility of joints. It provides substances that enable the physiological recovery of joint structure and rigidity, including the joint cartilage and capsule, the synovial fluid, entheses, tendons and ligaments, adipose tissues, and epiphyseal bone.

Each tablet of MOVAGEN contains:

  • Pain Relief Complex®* 325 mg,containing 300 mg of standardised Cissus quadrangularis extract and 25 mg of standardised Boswellia serrata extract.
  • Anti Stiff Complex®* 77,5 mg, containing 75 mg of avocado-soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) and 2.5 mg of non-denatured type-II collagen.
  • Joint Restore Complex®* 389 mg, containing 375 mg of glucosamine sulphate, 12.5 mg of hyaluronic acid, and 1.5 mg of boron.


  • Pain Relief Complex® is a complex containing standardised Cissus quadrangularis and Boswellia serrata extracts, with proven effects on supporting optimum joint health and ensuring comfort when you move.
    • The standardised Boswellia serrata eextract contains a complex of boswellic acids, which interact with a number of enzymes involved in processes that are essential to maintaining normal joint health.
    • The standardised Cissus quadrangularis contains highly concentrated ketosterones, which support optimum joint health and increase comfort. 
  • Anti Stiff Complex® contains substances that are key to physiological recovery of the normal mobility of joints. It consists of avocado-soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) and nondenatured type-II collagen.
    • The intake of avocado-soybean unsaponifiables (ASU)is recommended by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR)1. The activity of ASU has been established in numerous in vitro and in vivo studies which demonstrate its beneficial effect on joint mobility.
    • Non-denatured type-II collagen has been demonstrated to aid physiological maintenance of normal joint mobility in numerous studies. The non-denatured form of type-II collagen was purposefully selected for MOVAGEN: the natural form of collagen in the human body is non-denatured, and it is only in this form that collagen can maintain its biological activity and perform its physiological functions. 
  1. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2008) 16, 1118e1119 ª 2008 Osteoarthritis Research Society International. Published by Elsevier Ltd., doi:10.1016/j.joca.2008.01.010.
  • Joint Restore Complex® is a complex containing glucosamine sulphate, hyaluronic acid, and boron, which are essential components of joint structures. A number of clinical studies have proven their positive effect on the physiological recovery of the structure, elasticity, and properties of joints, synovial fluid, joint cartilage, entheses, tendons and ligaments, and adipose tissues. 
    • Glucosamine sulphate is the main structural component of joint cartilage, entheses, tendons, and ligaments, and is necessary for maintaining their correct structure and function. It supplies the body with two vital cartilage sub-components: glucosamine and sulphate groups. Glucosamine is found in the fluid surrounding joints and is an essential element of substances that form the cartilage, synovial fluid, intervertebral discs, and other tissues. Sulphate groups are also essential in the formation of cartilage tissues. They increase osmotic pressure in the cartilage and contribute to its turgor, tensile strength, compressive strength, and volume. 
    • Hyaluronic acid is a molecule with important biologic functions. It is found in connective tissues and is highly concentrated in the synovial fluid. The specific properties of synovial fluid are attributable to hyaluronic acid, which enables it to act as a lubricant and cushion. It also envelopes the inner joint surface and functions as an elastic protective layer safeguarding the joint cartilage and capsule against mechanical damage. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is a structural component of joint cartilage.
    • Boron is a microelement involved in calcium and magnesium metabolism in the body and plays a key role in physiological bone growth and density.


Joints are involved in all body movements and support the body’s weight over the entire lifespan. They are structured in a way that allows them to last for a long period of time without wearing out, and are subjected to loads that no machine could endure without repairs. In a healthy joint, the bone ends are covered by smooth cartilage and enveloped in the joint capsule, with synovial fluid filling the space between them. Joints are reinforced by ligaments, which surround the joint capsule and connect bones

However, joints sometimes wear out. This most often occurs with older age, but it can also affect younger people, especially after trauma or inflammatory processes. There are more than 100 different joint disorders affecting joint structures, including disorders of the joint cartilage and capsule, the synovial fluid, entheses, tendons and ligaments, adipose tissues, and epiphyseal bone.

The most common symptoms of joint disorders include pain, restricted joint mobility (ranging from stiffness to complete immobility), swelling in one or more of the affected joints, a burning sensation in the affected joint or redness of the skin around it. Symptoms may develop gradually or suddenly. They are caused by degenerative changes associated with aging, being overweight, inflammatory processes, trauma, sedentary lifestyles, and joint overloading, among others.

With a view to achieving a lasting alleviation of joint symptoms, different products are used to reduce pain, eliminate stiffness, and provide reconstructive material for the recovery of joint structures. This stops the progress of the disease and prolongs joint life, and patients regain their previous mobility and can return to their normal routine.


​Unless your doctor has recommended otherwise, take 2 tablets of MOVAGEN twice a day, after eating. It is recommended that you continue to take the product for 90 days.


MOVAGEN is not recommended if you have hypersensitivity to any of the product ingredients.


There are no known side effects of the product or contraindications to its use. Due to its excellent tolerability profile, MOVAGEN can be taken for a long period of time. 


Keep MOVAGEN in its original packaging at a temperature of up to 25°С and out of the reach of children.

Do not use the product after its expiry date or if the integrity of the packaging is compromised.